Mushrooms Rule!


This site is for all mushroom and fungus lovers. I am a member of the British Mycological Society, the London Fungus Group and the North American Mycological Society. I welcome input and photos of fungi from all over the world. The extraordinary thing about our hobby is that the same fungus can be found in almost every similar climatic region all of the world (e.g. Chlorophyllum molybdites, the Green-spored Shaggycap) or be specific to a particular region such as Jackson’s Amanita (Amanita Jacksonii) a fungus that resembles the delicious Caesar’s Mushroom (A. Caesarea) but tastes nothing like as  good. I’ve written my first field guide to fungi “Mushrooms and Fungi of Britain and Northern Europe” which was published last year and my next book “Mushrooms of Quebec and Eastern Canada” is coming out soon (in French first). I may also be writing another “Mushrooms of Northern Europe” but for some reason it is on hold.  There is so much  to say and write about fungi and I am looking for photographs to post, especially of my favourite fungus, the Porcelain Mushroom (Armillaria mucida) which is translucent and glistening and looks particularly lovely when the light shines through it. It grows mainly on beech trees (Fagus spp.).


About josephinebacon

Author and translator from French and Hebrew into English. Author of 18 books about cookery, travel, Jewish history and mycology. Currently in the process of writing a new book about Canadian fungi, my second field guide to fungi. About to start new book on fungi for the USA.
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