New Court Interpreting Contract, Same Old Shambles

The last time I was offered court interpreting by one of the companies to whom thebigword outsources because a lot of interpreters will not work for them, the fee proposed was £15 an hour! I said “you must be [expletive deleted] joking” and put the phone down. This was for Hebrew which I assume is classified as a “rare language”.

one small window...

The Ministry of Justice published criminal court statistics for England and Wales for the first quarter of 2017 in June. Buried within is the first set of quantitative data on the performance of the new framework agreement for the provision of foreign language and deaf interpreting services in courts and tribunals and across the justice sector, in force since the end of October 2016.

Boasting a similar “success” rate as its predecessor and dogged by the same problems, the performance of the new contract offers few surprises to anyone who has watched the shambles of the privatisation of court interpreting services unfold over the past five years. With essentially the same structure and premise but a broader remit and larger budget, the new contract has picked up the baton and kept on running.


The first framework agreement, privatising foreign language and deaf court interpreting…

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